Ethanol is a clean, high-octane, high-performance fuel for your vehicle.

Up to a 10 percent blend of ethanol is covered under warranty for every make and every model of vehicle made by every auto manufacturer that sells vehicles in the U.S.

Ethanol, the clean fuel: Ethanol is a clean-burning fuel that reduces carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon tailpipe emissions. Ethanol contains 35 percent oxygen by weight, making it burn more cleanly and completely than gasoline. E85 has the highest oxygen content of any fuel available, making it burn even more cleanly and even more completely than any other fuel. E85 contains 80 percent fewer gum-forming compounds than gasoline. Ethanol, the high performance fuel: Pure, 100 percent ethanol has an octane rating of 113. Adding 10 percent ethanol to unleaded gasoline raises the octane rating by 2 to 3 points.